Remain in Mexico Ended After Supreme Court Ruling

What Is the Remain in Mexico Policy?

The “Remain in Mexico” policy, formally known as the Migrant Protection Protocols, was established in December 2018 by the Department of Homeland Security. The policy allows the government to send asylum seekers to Mexico while they await asylum hearings in the United States.

Remain in Mexico Policy Dangers

Over 70,000 migrants from Central America and Cuba have been sent to Mexico. After being sent to Mexico, many asylum seekers were denied access to health care and education. They were also put in physical danger and were at risk of kidnapping, extortion, rape, and physical violence. Researchers have also found that the Remain in Mexico policy has led to an increase in family separations as parents are sent to Mexico after their children are removed from their custody.

Remain in Policy Ended by the Biden Administration

In early August of 2022, Homeland Security announce that it will terminate the “Remain in Mexico” policy and allow asylum seekers to enter the United States. This decision was made in response to a recent Supreme Court ruling. On June 30th, the Supreme Court decided that the Biden administration did have the authority to end the policy, which prompted U.S. District Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk lifted his injunction that blocked the Biden administration from ending the program.

President Biden initially tried to end the program soon after taking office. However, Kacsmaryk along with many Republican leaders sued the administration, which forced the policy to restart. The Supreme Court ruling concerning the suits was a 5-4 ruling opinion.

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