Do Violent Crimes Increase in the Summer?

A 2014 study by the Bureau of Justice Statistics aimed to identify seasonal patterns concerning when certain crimes are committed and what the trends in criminal victimization are. Many other studies have also been conducted to try to understand how temperatures and seasons affect crime rates. What has been found is that certain crimes increase/are more likely to be committed during the summer, especially violent crimes.

A violent crime is an offense that occurs when a person uses or threatens to use force upon a victim. These crimes include but are not limited to:

  • Robbery or larceny
  • Rape
  • Murder
  • Aggravated assault
  • Voluntary manslaughter

Reasons Violent Crimes Increase in the Summer

Why does violent crime increase during the summertime? Here are the top six reasons why this increase likely occurs.

  1. Heat. According to research from the University of Southern California, violent crime rates increase by about 5.7% when the temperature was above 85 degrees. Floridians are no strangers to high temperatures, and July is the state’s hottest month. High temperatures can cause people to be agitated, angry, or uncomfortable as they overheat. If a person heats up too much, their patience may run thin, and an extreme reaction may be triggered if a problem arises.
  2. Alcohol consumption. On holiday weekends like Memorial Day or the 4th of July, people often consume copious amounts of alcohol, and these holidays are often known as the deadliest holiday weekends because of the increase in DUI incidents. Alcohol and certain drugs can make a person more irritable, less aware, or more impulsive. These effects as well as others can increase a person’s likelihood of being the victim of or engaging in violent or serious crimes.
  3. Increased social interactions and foot traffic. Because of the good weather, more people are out and about in the summer. Whether people commit a violent crime because of an argument at a barbecue or because of road rage and traffic, what starts as a simple trip or gathering can lead to an escalation.
  4. Summer vacations. Summertime is a popular vacation time for many people. Because people believe houses are empty, they may attempt to burgle a home. In tourist areas, many people may also commit violent offenses because of the increased alcohol consumption; inebriated individuals may also become a victim of a violent crime in a tourist area.
  5. No school. A common summer juvenile offense is assault; however, juveniles can commit any type of violent offense. During the summer, many juveniles also commit violent crimes as they are out of school and have a lot more freedom.
  6. Longer days. During the summer, it stays lighter for a longer time outside, and people feel more comfortable being outside later in the day. Because people are outside more and for a longer time, that allows more opportunities for robberies and assaults to occur.

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