6 Common Types of Evidence that Validates a Bona Fide Marriage

bonafide marriage

When a foreign national applies for adjustment of status based on marriage, he/she must prove to USCIS that the marital union is “bona fide.” This means that the couple got married because of love—not solely due to obtaining legal permanent residency.

Applicants must provide certain documents that demonstrate proof of bona fide marriage to USCIS officials to avoid being accused of green card fraud. These documents are attached to the petition itself or when the scheduled green card interview takes place.

The following are the common types of documents to prove a bona fide marriage:

  1. Proof of living together – The couple must show that they have been cohabitating (i.e. living together) during the marriage. Common types of documents include property deeds, mortgages, lease agreements, and utility bills (e.g. electricity, gas, water, etc.).
  2. Proof of shared finances – The couple must also demonstrate that they have comingled finances. Common types of documents include statements from joint bank accounts that show payments for mortgage, rent, bills, groceries, and other household items.
  3. Proof of joint assets – The couple can show proof of any assets that carry both of their names. Common examples include a vehicle, a home, or even stocks or bonds.
  4. Other joint documents – If the couple shares health insurance, auto insurance, life insurance, or even a gym membership.
  5. Photos – Pictures of the couple with family members and friends throughout the relationship often demonstrate that the marriage is legitimate.
  6. Vacations – Long trips and weekend getaways are also considered proof of a legitimate marriage.

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