Common Mistakes People Make on USCIS Forms


U.S. immigration applications are quite complex and extensive, which means there is plenty of room for error. If you hire an experienced immigration attorney to help you complete these forms, he/she will ensure everything is correctly filled out.

However, many people decide to handle their immigration paperwork themselves in order to save money. Remember, if the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) sees a mistake, your application will either be denied or delayed.

Here are the most common mistakes applicants make when filing USCIS forms:

  • Forget signature – Failure to sign a document can result in an automatic denial or return of your petition.
  • Incomplete form – Your application may not be approved if you left any sections blank.
  • Use an outdated application – Some people make the mistake of using an old form that is no longer valid. To ensure you have the most up-to-date forms, simply download them from the USCIS website.
  • Correct errors by crossing them out – If a mistake is made, start over with a new application. USCIS scanners will not detect answers that are crossed out or written over with the use of correction fluid.
  • Use colored ink – Black ink must only be used.
  • Pay incorrect fee – Your application can be denied if you pay the wrong amount. The USCIS website has a calculator to help make sure you pay the correct fee.
  • Submit original documents – Only submit certified photocopies of your documents, rather than the originals, unless specifically requested.
  • Use binders or folders – USCIS officials must have the ability to easily separate documents, so don’t keep them together using a binder or folder. In addition, avoid stapling your documents.
  • Mix up other petitions – If you are using one envelope to submit two or more different applications, ensure they are separated by a rubber band or paper clip.

Due to the complications involving USCIS forms, avoid making a mistake by seeking legal assistance from our Miami immigration attorneys at Hubbs Law Firm. Contact us today at (305) 570-4802 and schedule a consultation.


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