False Allegations of Sex Crimes in Florida

Being falsely accused of a sex crime has devastating consequences for every aspect of your life—from your family to your friends to your job. The majority of sex crimes are not witnessed and are hard to prove. It is very difficult to believe that someone would accuse another of such a horrendous act, but it does happen. With these false allegations of sex crimes come life-altering consequences. Keep reading for more from our Miami criminal lawyers:

Possible Motives Behind False Allegations of Sex Crimes

The accuser can be anyone (an ex, disgruntled lover, even a child). Accusers often make false allegations to gain sympathy or attention or to seek revenge. In other instances, they may suffer from mental health issues.

Here are some other examples of why someone might make false allegations of sex crimes:

  • Shame. The accuser may have initially consented but now feels regret or shame and tries to cover up their actions.
  • Hiding an extramarital relationship. If the accuser was caught cheating on their marital relationship, or even another relationship, they may feel they have no choice but to lie.
  • False identification. This may happen when drugs or alcohol were involved or if it was at a crowded place; this is especially common if they have never met before and cannot remember specific details.
  • Disgruntled child. This could be a step-child or even your own child. Children do not understand the seriousness of the situation and may make false allegations to get you out of the house, out of a relationship with the main parent, or because they got in trouble and are angry.

 The Consequences of False Allegations

Sexual crimes in Florida often include any type of sexual activity that is indecent, lewd, lascivious, or morally reprehensible. These acts can occur within a house or out in public. They also include more serious crimes such as assault, battery, and rape.

Sexual crimes are taken seriously by law enforcement and most often lead to an arrest. The accused may even have to register as a sex offender if convicted. Humiliation and defamation may also occur. Employers generally do not take allegations of sexual crimes lightly—even if they are just that, allegations.

Sex crimes are often “he said”/“she said” accusations due to the intimacy of the act and require a knowledgeable and experienced team of attorneys who can gather all the details quickly to ensure that proper justice is served and no one is falsely accused.

Contact An Experienced Miami Sex Crime Attorney

If you have been accused of a sex crime in Miami, or the surrounding South Florida areas, it is important to contact an aggressive and experienced sex crimes lawyer. The criminal lawyers at Hubbs Law Firm will discuss your options in a free consultation before the consequences of the accusations have caused too much damage for your life.


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