ICE to Start Nationwide Immigration Raids This Sunday


On Thursday, Homeland Security officials told NBC News and The New York Times and NBC News that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will launch mass immigration raids starting this Sunday throughout U.S. major cities such as Miami, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Atlanta, Denver, and Baltimore.

The Sunday raids will target approximately 2,000 illegal immigrants who continue to live in the United States despite court orders to leave. These raids are expected to last several days and even include “collateral” deportations involving illegal aliens who were not originally targeted by ICE.

President Donald Trump announced the nationwide raids last month but ultimately held off for two weeks due to a request from the Democrats. Now, the administration appears ready to renew the operation.

The following are important steps to take if immigrant agents come to your home:

  • Before any incident occurs, create a plan with your family and friends. You need to determine who will handle your case and who will support you in various ways.
  • When they knock on the door, remain calm.
  • Do not open the door or let them in.
  • If ICE agents enter your home without your consent, say out loud that they do not have permission to enter your home or conduct a search, then ask for an arrest or search warrant.
  • If ICE agents ask you to sign any documents, please refuse.
  • Ask to speak with your attorney or a family member.
  • Do not be afraid to record the encounter with your cellphone. Ensure your images and videos are synced to a virtual account (e.g. Google Photos or iCloud) so others have access.
  • If ICE agents ask you to come to their office or a USCIS office, do not agree because they are most likely lying.
  • If your property has a fence, ensure it is always closed and locked.

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