Can You Sober Up Before A Breathalyzer Test?

Drunk man surrounded by glasses

There are dozens of listicles floating around the internet describing how drivers can sober up right before leaving the bar, allegedly making them safe to drive on the road. These are not only wrong but dangerous and will do nothing to prevent a DUI charge.

The Myths

  • Vomiting: While the act of vomiting might make someone more aware of their situation, it does not cause them to sober up and regain vision or motor control. It may, however, reduce the amount of unabsorbed alcohol in the stomach.
  • Eating: Once intoxicated, food will do nothing to absorb alcohol already in the bloodstream. While food can reduce the rate of intoxicated when consumed before drinking, it does nothing for someone already drunk.
  • Sweating: Once absorbed, alcohol is the blood. Sweating will not help metabolize alcohol or get it out of the body any faster.
  • Hyperventilation: Some believe that hyperventilating (breathing quickly) can help reduce a breathalyzer reading. Not only is this wrong, but it puts intoxicated persons at risk of fainting.

The Science

Alcohol, once consumed, is metabolized and enters the bloodstream. That means no trick short of replacing someone’s blood will get the alcohol out of their system. There’s no fast way to sober up once alcohol is in the bloodstream.

The only way to sober up is to wait for the alcohol to metabolize. However, the body can only process a limited amount of alcohol per hour. Meaning if someone takes four shots of liquor in a row, those drinks enter their bloodstream one at a time. This causes someone to gradually become very intoxicated over several hours with no means of sobering up except to let nature run its course.

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