How to Properly Take Photos After a Car Accident

The aftermath of a car accident can be an emotionally overwhelming experience. However, there are important steps you must take to protect your rights and best interests in a car accident claim or personal injury lawsuit. 

One of those steps is taking photographs of every detail of the collision in order to preserve evidence. These photos can help you prove your claim to insurance adjusters or the court and, therefore, maximize your entitled compensation. 

Since today’s smartphones are equipped with hi-tech cameras, it is easier than ever to capture pictures following a car crash. Additionally, the metadata of each photo automatically includes a date and time stamp. 

The following are several tips for taking effective car accident photos: 

  • Take photos of property damage – Ensure you get close-up pictures of the exterior and interior damage sustained to all vehicles involved in the collision. Also capture photos of any damage to buildings, roads, signs, and other types of property. 

  • Take pictures of your injuries – Photos of any visibly apparent injuries and in the days following your accident are one of the most important things to capture. Additionally, document the recovery process of your injuries to demonstrate how extensive and serious they are. However, do not take pictures of injured individuals other than yourself. 

  • Take pictures of the people involved – Not only should you take photos of the other driver(s) involved, but you need to take pictures of witnesses and police officers to properly identify each person at the scene. When it comes to the other drivers, you can also take photos of their driver’s license, license plates, insurance cards, and any other personal information. 

  • Capture the entire scene of the accident – Get a general view of the scene that includes the road and weather conditions, as well as the street signs and traffic lights. 

  • Take more pictures than you need – Do not be afraid to use maximize the space on your phone and take as many pictures as you can. You might end up noticing something in the photo that you originally missed at the scene. Also, take pictures of the same thing from different angles. 

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