The Holidays & DUI Arrests in Florida

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The holidays consist of gift exchanges, festive celebrations with friends and family, and being jolly and merry all season long. However, hundreds of people lose their lives to drunk drivers annually during this time of year.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, an average of 300 people died in drunk driving accidents the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day over the past five years. That is why police departments in Florida and across the country try their best to arrest drunk drivers and keep other motorists safe by increasing the number of law enforcement officials on patrol and sobriety checkpoints over the weekends and holidays.

Here are several steps to take to avoid getting a DUI this holiday season:

  • Don’t drink at all – You can’t get charged with drunk driving if you avoid drinking alcohol throughout the holiday event. In addition, you can become a designated driver (DD) for anyone who consumed alcohol that night.
  • Ask someone to be your DD – If you know someone who doesn’t plan on drinking at the party, ask him/her to be your DD. Ensure you make this request well in advance, so your friend will be less likely to succumb to peer pressure.
  • Use a rideshare app – If finding a DD is a challenging task, you can request a ride from Uber or Lyft. Be aware of potential surge pricing on busy holiday weekends. However, a ride home from Uber or Lyft is much cheaper than the cost of a DUI.
  • Spend the night somewhere – If the party is far away from your home, either ask a friend who lives close by if you could sleepover or book a hotel or motel room that is within walking distance from the event.
  • Throw the party at your place – To avoid leaving your home entirely, host the event at your house or apartment. Be sure to have plenty of room for your guests to sleep over or make ride arrangements well before the party starts.

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