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False Allegations of Sex Crimes in Florida

Being falsely accused of a sex crime has devastating consequences for every aspect of your life—from your family to your friends to your job. The majority of sex crimes are not witnessed and are hard to prove. It is very difficult to believe that someone would accuse another of such a horrendous act, but it [ Read More… ]

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What Amendment 6—Marsy’s Law—Means for Florida

On November 6 voters in Florida voted Yes to Amendment 6. Amendment 6, also known as Marsy’s Law, called for the revision of Section 16 of Article I of the Constitution of Florida, which details the rights of crime victims. Amendment 6 amends the current language in the Florida Constitution, which previously stated that victims [ Read More… ]

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How A Restraining Order, or Domestic Violence Injunction, Can Affect Your Life

What is a domestic violence injunction? A petition for a domestic violence injunction is also known as a restraining order or protective order. Anyone can file for an injunction if they are a victim of domestic violence or have reasonable cause to believe their life is in imminent danger of becoming a victim of any [ Read More… ]

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USCIS Announces Automatic Renewals on Employment Authorization Document (EAD) Extensions

On January 17, 2017, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced a new policy regarding Employment Authorization Document (EAD) renewals that can be extremely advantageous and less time consuming to applicants. The new policy allows for automatic EAD renewals for applicants that satisfy the following: 1. they properly file for a renewal EAD [ Read More… ]

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Immigration Detentions at the Miami International Airport

Immigration Detentions at the Miami International Airport (MIA) On January 27, 2017, President Trump signed an executive action that will have a significant impact on non-U.S. citizens who are traveling through ports of entry in the United States.  The most common port of entry is the airport. After signing the executive action, many legal permanent [ Read More… ]

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I Just Got Arrested For My First DUI. How Do I Get My Hardship License?

A hardship license is a license issued by DMV to drivers for limited purposes such as employment, school, and medical appointments.  If you cannot avoid a license suspension, a hardship license is an excellent alternative. If you have been arrested for your 1st DUI, you will more than likely have your license suspended in the near future. [ Read More… ]

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